Wishlist of Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput Assigned 50 Tasks To Himself

Wishlist of Sushant Singh Rajput
50 wishes of Sushant Singh Rajput

Everyone has started loving Sushant as their own family member after his demise. Unfortunately, many of us doesn’t concern about the realities of his life. Indian cinema will not feature him and his demise will become an ease for those who were bullying him without being noticed. As Kangana Ranaut mentioned in her IGTV video that he begged his fans and audience to watch his movies or he would be thrown out of this unreal industry.


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Many people loved him but many are those who are just pretending their sobbed emotions on his demise. Though, the departed soul doesn’t need your care anymore. He was a man of his kind. He was willing to live as he mentioned in his tweets to follow his dreams and he numbered them. Sushant Singh Rajput penned down his 50 dreams but only 12 of them had been checked.

Let’s dive into his 50 wishes, which he penned down;

A gem like Sushant Singh Rajput will never come again. He listed down 50 things for himself but all of them were not beneficial for him. He wished for others as well like sending 100 kids for workshops in ISRO/NASA, teach coding to visually impaired, raise a horse, work for free education, help train women in self-defense, teach dance to kids and help prepare students for Indian defense forces.

Let’s experience what he checked from his list;

You will be missed Sushant.