Work From Home Beauty Essentials

We didn't expect this, but work from home is the new normal, and we need to start looking presentable for it.

Work From Home Beauty Essentials
Work From Home Beauty Essentials

One year ago, no one could comprehend spending so many months working from home. At first, it was just a matter of few days for us. No one focused on making it look like professionals. However, now since it's the routine, it's time to make things work better for us. First of all, we have our face on screens during any zoom call. Hence that is the most noticeable feature, and it really needs a glow up. Some tinted makeup for a fresh and awakened look and easy to use makeup staples are what you need by your side before starting your work from home, which is a routine of every day. It's much easier than getting ready for office and as essential as it uses to be for physically appearing at work. 

A Tinted Moisturiser Is The Day Saver

Tinted moisturiser is a glowing therapy for skin that temporarily hides all the imperfections making it look fresh and glossy for a good impression. People have been obsessed with L'Oréal skin paradise water infused moisturiser that is tinted. According to the complexion, it has a buildable tint with a medium to light coverage for a hydrated result. 

Use Blush To Add Colour And A Healthy Look

Putting some shade on the cheeks gives a natural flush to the skin. It's not necessary to use a highlighter since we're sitting at home, but a cream blush is just perfect for a blended glow on the skin that makes you look attractive. Milani cheek kiss cream blush is just for 9$ (approximately Rs. 1,300) is worth buying with a pigmented soft shade on the skin for long term wear.


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