Workouts For Stay At Home Moms

Here Are Some Workout Tips For Stay At Home Mothers

Workouts For Stay At Home Moms

Having kids is a blessing and can change your entire life. However, you do not have a schedule of your own anymore. You go by your kids' schedules and that can be cumbersome for parents. 

Having kids means you need to take extra care of your health. Most parents, however, lose themselves in the process of taking care of their kids. This results in mothers getting obese and losing their healthy habits can make them unfit, which shows on their face and body. 

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Are you a stay-at-home mom who wants to stay healthy and fit? We have got you covered! Simply chasing the kids around the house is not going to cut it. The following are some of the workouts that stay-at-home mothers can follow keeping in mind Pakistan's climate, environment, eating habits, and routine. 

1. Body Squat, Backdrop Stretch (30 degrees backward) and Jump:

It warms up our whole system. It activates all the muscles of a woman's body. Females in Pakistan have serious concerns about their hip and unshaped or imbalanced chest and then their love handles. This exercise activates all the muscles to cater to all the needs of a body by other exercises.

Workouts For Stay At Home Moms

2. Push-up:

It covers, shoulders, upper back, and chest. Start with one half push up if the lady is doing it for the first time and after a week, start to push it up and then, after 3 months, inclined push-ups. After 6 months, declined push-ups. Duration to inclined and declined can be increased if one doesn't have the command on the previous exercise. The duration can be increased but can not be decreased because they are doing that alone at home, without anyone's supervision. Start with four raps and three rounds. Increase one rap after seven days.

Workouts For Stay At Home Moms

3. Hip Raise: 

Normally, hip raise involves the lift till 45 degrees but it's preferable to raise till 30 degrees and then after two seconds, raise till 45 degrees and go down to 35 and then 0. Repeat it till ten times in a rap. Start with three rounds. Increase the raps but not the rounds.

Workouts For Stay At Home Moms

4. Side Planks:

This modified posture is very common. Start with a side plank and then with the help of knees, make the plank of 30 degrees. Start with ten seconds each. Make 10 raps and three rounds. Increase raps slowly and gradually.

Workouts For Stay At Home Moms

5. Bridge:

They should be for ten seconds and should be a total of ten raps. Start with three rounds and work your way up.

Workouts For Stay At Home Moms

6. Planks:

Start with a 30-second plank and increase the duration gradually. 

Workouts For Stay At Home Moms

All these tips are useful and effective for stay-at-home moms and will ensure they keep fit and healthy.

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