Xulfi Announced The Coke Studio Take Over

When announcing his exit, Rohail Hyatt shared Xulfi will be taking his place.

Xulfi Announced The Coke Studio Take Over
Xulfi Just Announced The Coke Studio Take Over

Back in March this year, Rohail Hyatt who has been the maestro in music production and the man behind melodious remakes happening at Coke studio, decided to exit the most awaited music show. CS fans were curious about the new Coke studio, hence while replying to fans on social media actively, Hyatt stated, “I am sure CS is being planned but not by me." Then adding up to his statements, he confirmed that the Call Band front man Xulfi will take over the production of Coke studio’s upcoming season. 

Coke studio also confirmed that Pukaar crooner will be heading this season of CS in his way and we expect it to be flourishing just like other seasons of Coke studio. 

It’s not new for Coke Studio to make different producers a part of the season. 

for Coke Studio to make different producers a part of the season
During the history of Coke Studio we have seen divergent virtuosos being part behind the production doing their magic. The Vital Signs founder originally launched Coke studio back in 2008, eventually took a break after success of 6 seasons of Coke studio. After Rohail Hyatt’s first break Strings did its magic from season 6 and then the founder returned in 2019. Ali Hamza with Zohaib Kazi produced the famous season 11. 

Xulfi garnered praises for his production in Nescafé Basement and we can surely keep our hopes high from this minstrel. 

Coke studio recently posted on Twitter.

Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan is on Twitter as Zulfiqarjkhan, Coke studio recently Twitted on Twitter saying “@Zulfiqarjkhan Shuru Karain?” (@zulfiqarjkhan let’s begin?), hence it’s really confirmed that the season is around the corner and after Xulfi’s take over we can not wait for the production to reveal the selected artist and the upcoming melodies. 

Coke studio recently posted on Twitter

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