Yasir Hussain Criticizes Esra Bilgic: Aijaz Aslam, Anoushey Ashraf and Agha Ali Gave Her Support

Esra bilgic as QMobile’s brand ambassador started a new debate

Yasir Hussain Criticizes Esra Bilgic:  Aijaz Aslam, Anoushey Ashraf and Agha Ali Gave Her Support
Yasir Hussain divides the entertainment industry on Esra Bilgic as QMobile's ambassador

It is not a new thing that actor Yasir Hussain becomes critic and posts something that can create a whirl in the entertainment industry. In his recent Instagram post, the Shaadi Mubarak Ho star wrote, “Don't you think a Pakistani brand should have a Pakistani ambassador? Not Indian or Turkish?”

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Adding more to his post, Yasir named local celebrities that are worthy and talented to become any company’s brand ambassador, “Is Mahira, Saba, Sonya, Minal, Aiman, Amar, Zara, Haniya, Sana, Yumna, Armeena, Sara, Hira... anyone not worthy enough to be a brand ambassador for a Pakistani brand?"

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While Yasir’s opinion has once again started a new debate on the topic ‘Esra as a Brand Ambassador, she should or should not?’

Getting mixed reviews from the celebrities, as in Minal and Aiman seconded Yasir. Whereas, Anoushey Ashraf wrote, “If Fawad and Mahira can work in India, I’m sure international artists can work here.”

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Actor Agha Ali thinks that international stars should be welcomed in Pakistan with a kind gesture and respect. He said, “Let outsiders feel welcomed here. And please stop making all of us actors [look] insecure.”

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The Superstar actor Bilal Ashraf commented, “We need to welcome all artists from around the globe. Art has no language or boundaries. Don’t politicize everything. Love & welcome everyone. PAKISTAN Zinda Dil logon ka mulk hai. Aur Pakistani qaum kay dilon mei pyar he pyar hai.”

Famed actor Aijaz Aslam considers it as ‘a healthy competition.’

Amidst all this, when the debate got intense, Anoushey tried to calm down the situation by announcing an interview with Yasir Hussain to discuss this matter.


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