Yasir Hussain’s Comment Sparks Criticism On A Post About Naila Jaffery’s Death

This is what happened when Yasir Hussain decided to give his two cents about Naila Jaffery’s misfortune.

Yasir Hussain’s Comment Sparks Criticism On A Post About Naila Jaffery’s Death
Naila Jaffery And Yasir Hussain

Veteran Pakistani actress Naila Jaffery was diagnosed with third stage ovarian cancer back in 2016, she came forward to tell about her condition and lack of funds for the treatment. The actress passed away on 17th July after fighting with prolonged disease of cancer, many celebrities showed grief to the great loss and shared their memories with the “Thori Si Khushiyan” actress. The actress was in dire need of funds to get treated with chemotherapy. Her video came out asking for royalties which is the payment given when any drama is re-run on the television. 

Yasir Hussain and fellow celebrities came forward for support but this time is was not right. 


Yasir Hussain posted several stories for royalties and the due rights of the veteran actors. Naila Jaffery left the world, therefore, Yasir Hussain tried to give a message which turned out to be negative and received a backlash from the netizens. 

Yasir Hussain wrote, “Allah Miyan ko batana zaroor k zameen walo ne Royalty nahi di, RIP fighter.” 

In people’s opinion, the industry always give up on the old actors and celebrities earning well should have helped their seniors. Moreover, some people schooled him about spreading negativity over someone’s death. The public views about Yasir Hussain’s comments are usually not on the positive ends even if the actor is speaking about some good cause. This is not the first time Yasir is facing retaliation over his point of view. Previously, the actor faced criticism over his views on the Turkish dramas and many other issues. However, Yasir Hussain is determined and wouldn’t stop giving his opinion on any issue. 



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