Yoga For Your Face

Anti-ageing or face sliming? What are the benefits of facial yoga?

Yoga For Your Face
Face Yoga

When handled correctly, facial yoga can plump your face by working with the proper blood circulation your face needs. Facial yoga is the way to lift your features and mould them to provide strength to facial muscle. You may wonder what these celebrities are doing to maintain the youthful glow on their face, and the answer is always 'drinking more water', but facial yoga is a secret behind many young faces you see. There are many sceptical opinions about facial yoga and what exactly to do, the pressure point, the right way to lift. We will be answering all your queries, with all your answers here about facial yoga. 

Facial Exercises To Use: 

We all expect to look wide awake. It is truly a blessing to look fresh without makeup too. Using regular facial yoga seems like a perfect solution. 

Facial Exercises To Use

Forehand Smoother: 

These yoga moves will help you fight wrinkles and make the fine lines smoother. All you have to do is: 

On both hands, make a fist 
Use knuckles for pressure in the centre of your forehead.
With moderate pressure, lightly slide your fist from the forehead to the temples. 

Forehand Smoother

Get Plump Lips Naturally: 

Plump lips have changed the beauty standard completely. However, people spend an extravagant amount on lip injections. Just repeat this yoga and see the difference. 
1. Slightly tilt your head while sitting down 
2. Push forward your lip while puckering 
3. You have to hold on to this pose for 10 seconds and then relax your face. 

Get Plump Lips Naturally

Cheek Contour: 

Yoga can help you to lift the face for a youthful look by working on your muscle. In the same way, you can also plump your face for a gleaming look. 

1. Make a pose like you do while applying blush 
2. Under the apples of your cheek, place your fingers. 
3. In a lifting motion, slide your finger upwards. 

You can use essential oils, moisturiser or aloe Vera for better results.

Cheek Contour

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