You Can Use These Oils As A Heat Protectant For Hair.

Reduce hair damage with heat protectant in the form of natural oils.

You Can Use These Oils As A Heat Protectant For Hair.

We need to admit the fact that we have the urge to use styling tools wherever we go. Whether it's a blow-drying or flat iron, we can not go a day without using them to tame our hair. And using the heating tools without any moisture to hair is just frying your hair directly from the heat since it'll lead to hair damage, breakage and completely wreak havoc on the hair texture. All you need is a heat protectant before exposing your luscious locks to even the least percentage of heat. 

Who said you need to stock a dozen of products to protect your hair? 

All you need is the essential oil that is available in your facility. The idea is to style the hair with less damage, without losing the well being of your hair. Let's move forward a make a difference for your hair with these available at home heat protectants. 


Coconut Oil To Fight A Hairdryer: 

There's nothing a coconut oil can not do, and we never miss coconut oil while doing the grocery. This, being available at ease and fantastically working hair oil, can protect the hair from up to 350'F heat. You don't have to make your hair grease in oil; instead, take few drops and watch the magic happen. 

Coconut Oil To Fight A Hairdryer

Argan Oil, The Holy Grail For Hair: 

Argan oil is undoubtedly gold in the form of liquid. It has been used as a heat protectant for decades. It takes up heat up to 420'F. Its non-oily, lightweight and serum-like consistency makes it easy to use. Just a few drops, and you're good to go. 

Argon Oil

Almond Oil With The Highest Resistance: 

Surprisingly almond oil has the highest heat resistance with up to 430'F, which makes it an obvious choice for those who use high tech heating tools. The vitamins in the almond oil will further make your hair healthier.

Almond Oil

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