Your Guide To Apply Blush With Few Basic Tips To Shine

Finally, learn how to apply the blush according to your face

Your Guide To Apply Blush With Few Basic Tips To Shine
Apply blush perfectly with our guide

Learning how to apply blush is simply an art and every makeup lover might know it well. As it seems simple to apply the blush however, it is not. Different techniques and ways are there to correctly use the blush according to your face shape. They may seem hard but with practice you may find it simple.

Before learning how to apply the blush perfectly, you need to determine your face shape first. Then, find out how to apply the blush correctly for the next event post pandemic.

face shape blush

Blush application for square face

As square faces do have same length of forehead, jaw line and cheeks so it’s best to just keep it till the apple of the cheeks by blending outwards. This will soften the angular shape of your face. One basic tip for square faces ones are not to blend too far in horizontal position as it will make your face wider.

square face blush

Blush application for round face

Your only aim should be to make your cheekbones pop. So apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks to soften the cheekbones. Just make sure that you need to give your face an angular shape. And for that, make sure you apply it slightly lower than your cheeks. Make sure not to blend towards your nose as it can make your face look rounder.round face blush

Blush application for oval face

Oval faces ones are the luckiest as they can get away with anything. Only one place has to be avoided which is under your cheekbone as it will give the illusion of having a windburn.

oval face blush

Blush application on long face

Long face? Well, it means you have a lot of area to cover. The tip is to start under the pupils and take it to the middle of your cheeks. Your face will seem shorter if blush is applied in a semi circle or straight line.

long face blush

Blush application for heart face

Having a heart shape face means you’ll soften the features. For that, apply blush in C-shape starting from the top of your cheeks to above the end of your eyebrows.  

heart face blush

3 Basic Blush Application Tips

Apart from learning how to apply blush for each face shape, there are some other tricks and techniques that can ensure your blush looks best!

Tip #1 Pick the right applicator

As some makeup products can be applied with your fingers but blush isn’t one of them. Powder blushes need to be applied with a fluffy brush whereas, cream blushes can be applied using the makeup sponge.

blush with brush

Tip #2 Never forget to smile

Fake smile can be a very useful trick to find out how much area can be covered with blush. It will enhance the apples of your cheeks, so keep smiling!

blush with smile

Tip #3 Set-wet and go!

After all the hard work, do not forget to lock your makeup in place. Apply a good make-up setting spray once done!

blush with makeup setter spray