Zahid Ahmed Talks About His “Terribly Wrong” Nose Job

The actor opened up about getting a nose job on his YouTube channel.

Zahid Ahmed Talks About His “Terribly Wrong” Nose Job

Celebrities, male or female, often feel pressured to conform to the societal beauty standards. Many go to any lengths to look a certain way to feel accepted by the society we live in, no matter what the repercussions.

Actor Zahid Ahmed recently opened up about getting a nose job that went ‘terribly wrong’. In a video posted on his official YouTube channel Ahmed mentioned that he looked at his nose as a “defect”.

The video titled ‘Story of My Nose|Nose Job Gone Terribly Wrong’, begins with Ahmed saying, "Aaj ka topic hai ke maine apni naak kaise katwai” (today's topic is, how I cut my nose – the expression is often used to refer to someone bringing shame.)

The 35-year-old actor then mentions that though the topic is difficult for him to speak about, he is going to address it. "The purpose of this channel is to be truthful to myself and share personal experiences that have helped me in becoming a better person in life," he added.

Talking about his horrific nose job, the Ishq Zahe Naseeb actor says, “I want to tell everyone today about one thing: how did I commit this stupidity, ingratitude, selfishness and this sin.” 

According to the actor, his brain made him commit this madness as he believed his nose was adversely affecting his performance.

“I would see an impact on my performance when the camera was at a certain angle. I felt that the left side of my nose was different from the right side of my nose. So whenever the angle would switch to that side, I would get very conscious and nervous about it,” said Ahmed.

“I would ask the director to change the angle. He would, however, ask me to focus on my acting instead and he was right. This madness was only in my head,” he continued. 

But not being able to accept the way his nose looked, Zahid said he thought of undergoing rhinoplasty, a plastic surgery of the nose.

“I thought it would not be a big deal because a lot of people get it done and so I can too. But it went terribly wrong,” he added.

Ahmed further shared that he was told it would take up to six months for his nose to heal but things turned for the worse instead.

He claimed that his nose job was so terrible that comments on social media also began inquiring about his nose and after six months he had to go under the knife again to fix the damage.

Sharing his experience, the Besharam actor said that he wants his fans to think 10,000 times before getting something like this done. “If you’re willing to go for something like this, the decision is yours at the end of the day, but please think about it 10,000 times,” he requested.

In the end, Ahmed said the purpose of this video was to motivate people to learn a lesson through his experience and advise them to be comfortable in their own skin.

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