Zara Abid Starrer Short Film Is Out And Has Hit YouTube

Actress Zara Abid lost her life in PIA plane crash last week

Zara Abid Starrer Short Film Is Out And Has Hit YouTube
Zara Abid's debut short film is out

A new short film has garnered millions of hearts which featured late model Zara Abid. The first and the last project of Zara Abid was directed by Ahmed Sarym.

The short film which is titled ‘Sikka’ was released just two days later after the PIA plane crash in which Model Zara Abid lost her life with 96 others.

The plot of the short film as narrated by actress Saba Qamar featured Zara as two women living very different lives but sharing the same desires and dreams. In a nut shell, they are the two sides of the same coin (Sikka).

In an interview to a reputable paper, Director Ahmed Sarym said, “I basically wrote this last summer, when I was 16 and wanted to switch from journalism to film-making. I reached out to Zara and she decided to do it."

He further added, "I hadn’t known her before this but she simply believed in whatever she read, got her own wardrobe from [brands] Zara and Khaadi and flew down to Islamabad from Karachi to film."

Ahmed continues, "I had basically wanted to start a YouTube channel for a while where young filmmakers could test waters and release their work. So Qissa Nagri is hopefully on its way into becoming that channel and it’s overwhelming yet heartbreaking to have Sikka as it’s first offering."

Earlier, Zara made a statement about leaving her modeling career and opting for acting one, she said, “I have always been fond of dancing, acting and modeling. People know all about my modeling career, so now I thought I should give something new a try... I am lucky enough to have got the right call at the right time."

“I have high hopes with the film, let’s see how people accepts me as an actress now," she ended up.

Zara was shooting her debut film with Azeem Chaudary but we did not hear any updates about it.